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Why MindWare Educational Seminars?

Travel should be a pleasure and your chance to literally get away from it all. Nevertheless, planning the perfect trip is no easy matter, so at MindWare Educational Seminars we make sure to provide a stress-free trip that hits all the high notes from top destinations to first-class service, value for your travel budget and excellent speakers that guarantee an enriching learning experience.

For the last 16 years MindWare has been honing

its expertise in developing and seeking out unusual

itineraries that provide insight into exotic cultures

and enchanting landscapes as well as lecturers

with unique expertise and charisma to enlighten

you and enrich your learning experience.  Return

frequently to our website to see each of the exciting

new destinations added to our calendar.

Ingredients of our Success:

We work closely with every one of our suppliers to provide you with the best: from cruise ships, to hotels to local guides and private excursions.  Just tell us where you want to go and leave the planning to us.  Our guests only need pack their bags and show up!  

Here are just a few reasons to join us (read our clients’ testimonials for more!):

    lines to ensure that our guests’ trips will be

    memorable.  From offering the exclusive

    Aquaclass Suites and Blu Restaurant dining

    options (Celebrity Cruise Lines) to the Canyon

    Ranch Spa Club (Oceania Cruises), our guests

    enjoy customer service beyond compare

    boutique hotels for pre- and post-cruise tours

    as well as during each of the land tours offered

   we are privy to vetted tour operators worldwide

   who are proven experts in their regions and

   renowned for their high quality of service, providing personalized tours tailored to our high    standards.  These tour operators also work with us to organise private port excursions giving    our guests a true taste of the local flavours   

We strive to prepare the most enriching experiences for our guests.  If there is an area of the world you’d like to see or a course subject you’d be interested in, please do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities. Similarly, If there is a speaker you think we should add to our list, tell us about them!  Many of our conferences have been organized as a result of client suggestions, so add yours today by taking the Mindware Educational Seminars Continuing Education Survey!   

Contact us today and join us for our next conference trip - we look forward to providing you and your family with your next dream vacation!

“The Celebrity Summit was the perfect setting for an extraordinary course, with an up to date lecturer. The ship and all facilities were 5 stars. Can’t wait for the next MindWare seminar.”  

- Dr. Howard Benatovitch (Buffalo, NY)

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The Celebrity EDGE is the latest ship in Celebrity’s fleet introduced at the end of 2018, making it among the newest ships cruising the world’s oceans today!

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