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Cruise Travel Deals FAQs:

1. How can I get a good cruise rate?

Paying the brochure rate for a cruise is like paying the full sticker price for a car.  You should be able to easily find a good discount off those rates with a little bit of research.

2. Do I have to book early to get a good deal?

If you book early you will have a better chance of getting exactly what you want at a discounted price. However, if the ships have low occupancy rates close to sailing, you can still find great deals. With all the new large ships that are being launched, last minute deals are more of a possibility. The caveat is that these deals can be limited and may require a last minute decision.

3. Do cruises ever go on sale?

Yes, 2 for 1 deals are popular sale incentives where two cruises are offered for the price of one. However, airfare is usually not included in the two for one rate. Cruise lines have also offered discounted or free airfares; free post or pre-cruise hotel stays, free cabin upgrades, extra days free or free shore excursions.  Make sure to ask your cruise line about all options.

4. Are there any discount programs available for frequent cruisers?

Yes, cruise lines are beginning to go the way of the airlines and offer special discounts or other incentives to those who have been on previous cruises with them.  Most of these loyalty clubs publish magazines to update frequent cruisers on their programs and will often include discounts and other special offers.  

5. What is a repositioning cruise?

Since peak seasons vary in different parts of the globe, cruise lines will sometimes move their ships around to keep a higher occupancy rate and to take advantage of those peak season rates. When a ship moves from an existing itinerary in the Caribbean to Alaska or Europe for example, the trip to the new itinerary is called a repositioning cruise.

6. How could going on a repositioning cruise save me money?

The cruise line wants to cover the cost of moving the ship by filling the ship with paying customers. These cruises are different than what the cruise line normally advertises and many are unaware that these cruises even exist. The cruise line will often offer deep discounts on these cruises to encourage bookings. Although you’ll be seeing a different part of the world and probably spend less time in ports than on their normal cruises, you’ll get the same ship and all the good food at a better rate.


Air Travel Deals FAQs:

1. How can I get a better rate on my airline tickets?

2. What types of special discount programs are available?

3. How can I find other businesses that have partnered with my airline to provide  additional rewards for using their services?

Check out your airline’s web site. They should have a list of other businesses they have partnered with that can reward you with bonus points, miles, discounts or other special offers. Click on the travel partners section of the airline’s website or the membership program section where these businesses will be listed as participants or partners.

4. Where can I find information on an airline’s on-time, luggage care and customer service record?

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report contains information on flight delays, mishandled baggage, over-sales or overbooking of flights, consumer complaints, and disability complaints for the ten largest U.S. airlines.  Each of these sections provides valuable information to assist the traveler in evaluating which major airline would provide them with the best service.   

5. What types of special discount programs are available?

6. How will I know which is the best airline for me?

If it’s a onetime flight, you can probably see who flies the route for the cheapest rate.  If you are looking for more of a relationship, you’ll want to consider some of the factors listed below:


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