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Enjoy well planned vacations and earn CDE credits

MindWare Educational Seminars is second to none in

understanding the care and attention to detail required

for the perfectly planned trip.  Our finely-tuned and

relaxing vacations provide unique learning experiences

all while enjoying different parts of the world.  In

addition, courses given by MindWare Educational

Seminars speakers are recognized by dental

associations in Canada, the United States, Australia

and New Zealand.  MindWare has been a certified

CDE provider with the Association of General

Dentistry (AGD) since October 2003. Each of our trips

qualify for between 9 and 18 credits.

Dental Travel Benefits

Travel with MindWare and literally get away from it all!!

Deduct a portion of your travel as an office expense

Tax laws differ between countries, but usually permit tax deductions for educational courses in your profession. Check with your accounting professional to learn more about what portions of your travel expenses may be deducted. Changing your learning environment from staid hotels and conference rooms to exciting travel destinations expands the mind while trimming expenses!

Enjoy the company of your peers from around the world

Take some time away from the daily grind and explore new regions of the world, meeting dentists from different countries, different practices and different cultures.  Share new experiences and learn from peers from around the world. In addition to the formal lectures given by our guest speakers, participants are urged to share their clinical and business knowledge with new found colleagues.  In addition, we put the valuable input from all of our conference participants to work in choosing the most desired venues as well as the topics of discussion.

Enjoy a worry-free dream vacation

hosted by experienced travel planners

Our goal is to provide each and every one

of our clients and their families with

memories that will last a lifetime.  We

work directly with the cruise lines and with

knowledgeable in-country tour operators

to provide the best experiences available

for each one of our cruises, tours and private

port excursions.

Call MindWare Educational Seminars and

start planning your dream trip today!

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“The Southeast Asia cruise was a fabulous trip. I really enjoyed Dr. Calavassy’s lectures and my wife and my parents had a great time.”

- Dr. Francis Trinh, Vancover, BC - Asia Cruise, Dec. 2013

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