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Je tiens par la présente à souligner  les qualités exceptionnelles de l’agent de voyage M. Elliot Goldenberg.

Nous nous sommes  inscrites à une croisière en Méditerranée organisée par  Mr. Goldenberg en 2009. Je ne connaissais alors ni l’agence MindWare Seminars, ni son agent M. Elliot.

Planificateur  d’une compétence comme je n’ai jamais rencontré, M. Elliot nous a tout simplement  épatées. Il a  su choisir, sélectionner et  organiser pour  l’ensemble du groupe des dentistes les meilleures excursions  privées dans chaque escale.

Connaissez-vous des agents de voyage qui s’occupent  de leur client alors qu’ils sont eux-mêmes à l’autre bout du monde? C’est ce que M. Elliot a fait pendant notre séjour sur la Méditerranée.

Alors qu’il était lui-même en vacances en Californie, M. Elliot répondait à nos messages, qu’ils soient par courriel ou téléphoniques. Tous nos commentaires  positifs ou négatifs ont fait rapidement l’objet d’une réponse de sa part.

J’ai voyagé assez souvent mais je n’ai jamais rencontré un agent de la compétence et du professionnalisme de M. Elliot. Même à la veille de notre départ il nous a aidé à démêler  tous nos «voucher» et a su répondre à nos besoins spécifiques.

Il s’est occupé de notre séjour hors-groupe avant et après la croisière. Tous ses conseils, suggestions  et recommandations se sont avérés d’une grande justesse et des plus utiles. Il nous a permis de vivre à moi et mon amie qui est ma secrétaire exécutive, un voyage inégalé, tout simplement inoubliable.

Je n’oublierai jamais notre voyage en Italie et sur le magnifique navire «Solstice» en août 2009. Je vous souhaite de vivre, vous aussi une telle expérience. Vous pouvez vous fier en toute confiance à M. Elliot Goldenberg. Tout comme Lili-Anne et moi, il vous fera vivre certainement le ou l’un des plus beaux voyages de votre vie.   

- Dr. Louise Desnoyers (Montreal, QC)

"The (Baltic cruise) trip was an excellent one in all aspects.   We spent 3 full days enjoying London and could have used one more easily!  The hotel there was excellent in location, accommodation and the breakfast package was a winner.  Would choose it again. The cruise was spectacular.  Ports of call were wonderful.  The excursions, especially Russia, were well done.  Taking your package was the way to go.

The education was excellent.  Mark’s segment was informative and well presented.  He did a great job of overseeing the days, both in the conference room and on the excursion to Russia and transfer back to London. Gilles was a great wealth of knowledge and the small group size made the presentation even more valuable in terms of involvement with him.  I look forward to seeing him again in the future.  Both of these gentlemen were a pleasure to interact with in the conference room and throughout the cruise.  Very approachable and pleasant.

This “MindWare” experience was top notch from all perspectives.  My family and I had a wonderful time.  The off time was well balanced with the education time.  Especially appreciated were the two hour lunches, as they allowed time to relax with friends and family before getting back to “work”. Hoping to see a MindWare cruise, of similar duration and with RCL (a predictable favorite), in the Mediterranean soon.  This seems to be the focus of our next adventure in travel and education.

Thanks for doing all the ground work and recommendations."  

- Dr. Ernie Philpott (Niagara Falls, ON)

I know Fred has already replied to you but I wanted to personally also say a big “Thank You!” for a truly fantastic holiday! You and Nadia were so warm and welcoming to us and so much fun too!  We all just loved everything about this trip, from the pre cruise China tour (amazing!) to the cruise, it was all fantastic. 

As you know this was our first cruise, it will be the first of many! I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did, from having ocean views everywhere, all the time, to the trivia competitions, the Karaoke, the wonderful dinners with our new friends, the laughs we had so much that our stomach hurt, the lovely chats as you run into someone from the group, the dancing on the pool side deck with the group at the New Years Eve Party with the spa’s filled with ice and champagne, the formal nights, the cocktail party, the fantastic shows at night, our chocolates on the sheets every evening as we came back from dinner with the programme for the next day’s activities, our lovely two waiters and sommelier who looked after us so well every night at dinner, the lovely cool wash towels and refreshing drinks served as you enter the ship after a full day tour, and so much more....... it was all so wonderful!  

Thank you Elliot, for inviting Fred and myself and Isabella and Thomas and introducing us to this amazing cruise experience with all these wonderful people we met in the group who enriched the whole experience!

We look forward to our next cruise with you and Nadia.

- Sandy Calavassy, Sydney, Australia

Firstly, let me say thank you to Elliot for organising a great cruise experience for all. I cannot even start to imagine the amount of effort that went into the organisation of such an event.  Again, thank you Elliot for your hard work, effort in adapting to the changing needs of the group, and smiles throughout the cruise. Well done and congratulations on such a successful cruise!  Myself, and the family will have that trip stored in our memory banks for quite some time in the future.


Secondly, to all those who attended the lectures series… thank you for the opportunity to share my dental knowledge with you.  I hope the information that I provided to you during the cruise was valuable to daily practice.  Due to your questions, attendance and friendship, it made the experience even more worthwhile.  I am also very privileged to have met you all. The talent pool in the room was humbling and I thank you for also making the trip so pleasurable for myself and the family through sharing of the experiences on the trip. THANK YOU!  As mentioned, if there is anything I can do to assist you in the future, please don't hesitate to email me directly.


I look forward to catching up again some time in the future and again THANK YOU all for the memorable educational experiences.

- Dr. Fred Calavassy, Sydney, Australia

(Speaker, Asia Tour and cruise, December 2013-January 2014)

MindWare in Kusdasi, Turkey, Summer 2012

MindWare in Beijing, China, Winter 2013

MindWare in Montevideo, Uruguay, Winter 2010

"Nous tenons à vous remercier pour tout ce que vous avez fait, c'était numéro un! Nous avons fait un voyage merveilleux (croisière conférence aux iles Grecques et la Turquie).Tout était parfait, mais aussi, et surtout, nous avons été enchantés de vous rencontrer Nadia et toi. Vous êtes des gens exceptionnels et c'était un plaisir de jaser et d'être avec vous."  

- Dr. Henri Dussault (Montréal, QC)

“What more could you ask for? We had a great educational seminar and a world class vacation at the same time. The personal involvement of the conference coordinator and lecturer is unprecedented in any other learning atmosphere. We’ve recommended MindWare to all our friends and colleagues!”

- Drs. Madelyn & Joel Abougoush (Calgary, AB)

“We had the pleasure of being on the trip organized by MindWare Seminars to Vietnam and Thailand.  The organization was superb.  Everything that was in the itinerary came off without a hitch. From the rice fields of Vietnam, to the Dental School in Saigon, and all through Thailand, we were taken care of from start to finish every day.  It was so great, I have already booked my next year's travel with them.  Bravo for a job very well done.”

- Dr. Ken Wolch DDS (Toronto, ON)

“The Celebrity Summit was the perfect setting for an extraordinary course, with an up to date lecturer. The ship and all facilities were 5 stars. Can’t wait for the next MindWare seminar.”  

- Dr. Howard Benatovitch (Buffalo, NY)

‘’Notre profession nous permet rarement de joindre l’utile à l’agréable mais MindWare Seminars à réussi. Conférencier d’expérience et matière applicable dès le retour, site agréable et organisation sans faille. Ma famille et moi récédiverons.”  

- Dr. Anne Elazhary (St. Hyacinthe, QC)

MindWare in Sorrento, Italy, Summer 2012

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“I have attended 4 seminars with MindWare Educational Seminars in the past 3 years and continually find myself impressed with the high quality of venues, excellent level of customer service and organization. Bringing team members along has been a positive office building experience with lasting results.” 

- Dr. Lisa Bentley (Mississauga, ON)

“Rest assured, MindWare Seminars will not disappoint! I let them do all the hard work and found myself on a cruise ship learning from a well respected lecturer. Relaxation, new friends and learning from the best is what awaits you. MindWare puts it together, you simply enjoy!” 

- Dr. Chip Carin (Watsonville, CA) 

“My family and I attended MindWare’s cruise conference aboard the Celebrity Summit. It was a luxurious adventure we will never forget! The scientific sessions were excellent and all details of the cruise were well handled by MindWare’s on board coordinator.”  

- Dr. David Hamilton (Barrhead, AB)

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