1. What essentials should I bring along on the trip?

2. How should I pack for my children?  

3. How can I pick the best airline for my children?

4. What are the airline’s baggage policy for children’s tickets?

5. What should I pack in my child’s carry-on luggage?

6. Can I enroll my child in a frequent flyer program?

Yes, most programs accept children as well as adults.  Enrolling your child in a frequent flyer program will earn them points for every paid ticket.  There is often no cost to join so you may as well get them started early earning those free points.

7. Where should we sit?

8. How can I reduce the negative effects of flying on my child’s ears?

*Whatever method you use, it is best to do so during take off and landing so your child’s ears can adjust little by little.


9. What type of documentation will I need if I’m taking my child out of the country?

Kids & Travel FAQs: