Health Insurance & Information Checklist          Travel Insurance Checklist

Health Insurance & Information Checklist:

- Your Insurance Company’s name, address & phone number

- Trip Insurance policy & contact information for insurance company

- Name of contact person in case of emergency

- Your blood type

- A copy of your eyeglass prescription

- A list of current medications with their generic names, brand names can vary in

  foreign countries

Food Allergies:  



Dental Check-up:


Travel Insurance Checklist:

- Check with your insurance agent to see if your current medical coverage will

  cover you outside the country

- Check with your credit card provider to see if they provide any travel insurance

  and determine whether it is sufficient for your planned trip - otherwise, consider

  travel insurance that will cover any unforeseen events

- You may be making your travel plans months in advance to obtain better pricing,

  however many things can happen in that time that would cause you to have to

  cancel your trip and possibly lose your deposit or even your full payment - see if

  your insurance covers such unforeseen eventualities

- Check to see if your insurance covers medical evacuation costs especially if you

  plan on traveling to an area of the world that may not be able to provide the type

  of medical care you will need.

Travel Insurance Options:

- Cancellation insurance which will cover the amount of your air, cruise, tours, &

  hotels prior to departure - this is now included on all MindWare Educational

  Seminars travel or;

- Full medical & cancellation insurance which in addition to covering any

  cancellations will also cover all medical expenses you may incur including urgent

  return home expenses

*Please note: All travelers are susceptible to travel delays, often ones beyond your control, which can cause you to miss all or part of your trip.  If you need to take out a travel insurance policy, know that it is usually required within 48 hours of booking your travel.

Protecting Your Health & Travel Insurance Information