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“Ce voyage en Chine puis la croisière en Asie était très bien organisé, un brin d’exotisme, dépaysant… c’était parfait dammit! Je le recommandrai à n’importe qui.”

- Mme Myriam Amram, Montréal, QC

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MindWare Educational Seminars Goes to China!

Pre-Cruise Tour of Beijing & Xi’an, Part II:  Off to the capital of the Shaanxi povince and the Terracotta Warriors today!  Caught an early morning flight from Beijing to Xi’an, famous as the starting point of the Silk Road and home to the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Football fields of warriors!

After getting up for an early morning flight to

Xi’an, we were taken to see how artisans are

today literally putting Humpty Dumpty back

together again!  After farmers discovered

thousands of terracotta warriors, chariots and

horses in 1974, the government authorized the

construction of a museum on the site dedicated

to their preservation.  It now stretches more

than the length of two football fields and

comprises thousands of terracotta figures!  

Artisans work on putting broken pieces together

again and on recreating miniature-size versions

as souvenirs.  To say it is impressive is an

understatement, as unless seen in person,

it is hard to fathom the sheer numbers of

these sculptures.

Tang Dynasty Show

After a long day with the warriors we, went

back to the hotel and then out to the Tang

Dynasty Dinner and Show.  Xi’an, formerly

known as Chang’an was the Imperial capital during 13 dynasties and was most prosperous under the Tang (687 - 907).  The show has its roots in folk traditions that included dances asking for a good harvest or a better life.  Open to outside influences as well as those of its many ethnic groups, the Tang incorporated a wide variety of art forms, music, costumes and cuisine which paved the way for what was presented to us during the show.  While very pretty and certainly different than anything many in the group had ever seen, it would have helped us “tourists” to have more information presented in English before, during or even after the show!      



- Flight to Xi’an

- Tour of Terra Cotta Warriors Museum

- Tang Dynasty Show



Warriors are a must see, but the show was somewhat hard to follow if you don’t speak Chinese!

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