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“Ce voyage en Chine puis la croisière en Asie était très bien organisé, un brin d’exotisme, dépaysant… c’était parfait dammit! Je le recommandrai à n’importe qui.”

- Mme Myriam Amram, Montréal, QC



MindWare Educational Seminars Goes to China!

Pre-Cruise Tour of Beijing & Xi’an, Part I:  After many hours, we have finally made it to Beijing! Our Chinese adventure has only just started, yet we’re already dazzled by the unusual architecture, numerous digital advertising signs in Chinese and the Manhattan-like traffic!  

Are you coming or going?!

The best way to describe Beijing in one

word is BUSY! The traffic of pedestrians,

bicycles and variety of three-wheeled

contraptions carrying people and goods is

unlike anything else in the world, even the

busy streets of Manhattan!  …and that’s

not even counting the 5 million cars and

trucks!!  Most major boulevards are 8

lanes: 4 in each direction plus 2 lanes

on either side for motorcycles and bicycles, so the equivalent of 12 lanes of traffic!  We decided it might be best to stick to our bus and taxis to get around!

Nearly Arrested in Tiananmen Square!

As you could see It was very cold the day

we went to visit Tiananmen Square, but little

did we know this would be the least of our

problems.  As we set up this picture, we

unfurled our MindWare banner to

commemorate the group’s visit but just as

the guide was getting ready to take the

shot, guards rushed over and told us to roll

it up immediately!!  Notwithstanding our vain

attempts to pantomime that we were a

dental group and despite our guide’s best

efforts to explain, we thought better than to argue with them, but got our banner-less

picture anyway!                             

The Great Wall of China

That afternoon we got our revenge on the

banner ban!  Our bus took us to a section of

the Great Wall at Badaling on the outskirts

of Beijing.  As we made our way up the

many, many, many stairs, we kept our eyes

peeled for any guards.  Once in the clear,

we got our picture!  The Wall itself is truly

amazing.  Begun more than 2,200 years ago,

there are altogether more than 50,000 kilo-

meters of fortifications that have been built

over time.

Notable Notes…

Requisite Silk and Pearl Market Stops!

I’d be remiss, if I didn’t mention a couple of the stops from our first days in Beijing. On our visit to the silk factory, we learned about the transformation from silk worm to spindles and even had a chance to stretch the silk over wooden frames (see video). We also had a chance to stop at the silk and pearl markets each with hundreds of kiosks.  Worth visiting to bring home beautiful souvenirs.

Hutong District & Olympic Park

The Hutong district is an area of Beijing that preserves the way of life that was for many years in the Chinese capital.  Modern times have see the razing of many of these areas, so it was revealing to see how family homes were organized according to family member hierarchy and to learn about the crafts such as Jianzhi (Chinese Paper Cutting).  We also had a chance to see many of the structures from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games such as the Bird’s Nest Stadium and Water Cube where many of the Olympic events were held.

Ming Dynasty Temple of Heaven

Built by the Ming Dynasty, the Temple of Heaven is a huge ancient garden and the largest architectural complex in the world at 23 hectares!  Planted with many trees

that are today over 500 years old, it

was an area where sacrifices were

offered and prayers for a bumper

harvest were made. The Chinese of

that time believed the earth was

square and heaven circular, so some

of the shapes around the temple

reflect these beliefs.



- Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

- Great Wall of China

- Silk and pearl factories

- Temple of Heaven

WHERE WE STAYED: Swissotel Beijing


Definitely a place to come back to, just don’t mess with the guards!

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