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Tuscany Galapagos


African Safari

October 21 - 30, 2014

Itinerary: Nairobi, Kenya; Mount Kenya; Masai Mara Game Reserve; Kilimanjaro; Lake Manyara National Park; Ngorongoro Conservation Area; Serengeti National Par; Zanzibar Extension

Speaker: Dr. Doug Brown

Conference: Principles of Adhesion Dentistry

CDE Credits:

Italy, the Greek Islands & Turkey

July 15 - 27, 2014

Itinerary: Rome, Italy, Naples, Italy; Valetta, Malta; Athens, Greece; Mykonos, Greece; Ephesus, Turkey; Rhodes, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Crete, Greece; Venice, Italy

Ship: Celebrity Silhouette

Speaker: Dr. Jack Griffin

Conference: Let's Grow Tooth - Clinical dentistry using bioactive/regenerative materials & Digital Dentistry; The time is Now! Success & Profit with CAD/CAM Restorations

CDE Credits:     12

Galapagos & Macchu Picchu

October 16 - 29, 2015

Itinerary: Lima, Cusco, Aguas Caliente, Pisac, Macchu Picchu, Quito, Otavalo & the Galapagos Islands

Speaker: Dr. Todd Snyder

Conference: Social Media & Branding for the Dental Practice; The Art of Aesthetics & Occlusion

CDE Credits:     12

Summer in the Tuscan Countryside

July 13 - 25, 2015

Itinerary: Monterosso, Sesto Fiorentino, San Quirico d’Orcia, Chianti, Positano

Speaker: Dr. Mike Malone

Conference: How to Achieve Predictable Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry

CDE Credits:     12